The Original Home Of The Blues

Musician, composer, and music publisher, William Christopher Handy was one of the most influential American songwriters. He introduced the blues genre to the world in 1912 through a series of highly successful, authentic, blues songs adapted to a style that Western society could understand.

Through his original Memphis based company in 1912, and its reinvention in 1918 upon relocating to New York City, he achieved international fame for broadening the appeal of black music, and giving America its first musical identity. His company, Handy Brothers Music Co., Inc., is now the oldest family owned entertainment company in the United States. We continue his legacy by broadening the appeal of his music to a new generation.
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Who We Are

Handy Brothers Music Company Inc. was established in 1918 and managed by W.C. Handy until his passing in 1958. Now the business is led and managed by:

Dr. Carlos R. Handy
President & CEO
For all general information about business endeavors
and history contact Carlos Handy.
Email: [email protected]

Ms. Mary Jane Hancock
Director of Legal Affairs
For all business, permissions, licensing and
other legal matters contact Mary Jane Hancock.
Email: [email protected]


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